Parasites list and how to rank 2019 updated

parasite seo

What’s a parasite?

Any high authority website that allows you to create your own page either on the main domain ( or on your own sub-domain (

After creating your page you can build backlinks to it without worrying about Google penalties since it’s not your personal domain and that fact that Google favors these domains since they carry high authority,

All parasites listed below are do-follow links except Links are all indexable within hours to a couple of days.

Signup here (DA 54)

Add a new collection
Create story
Add cover photo + name your story + write your story + insert your link
Hit the Next button then choose your collection and Publish
Submit your link to free ping service and a few social media shares

This link is no-follow but it’ll be index within a few hours, the best part is you can rank this parasite in top 10 google quickly. I saw a guy rank this parasite on top 5 and hit 10k views in 3 days and others are thousand views in less than 24 hours!


Signup Hatenablog here (DA 94)

Use Chrome to auto translate it.
Go to MyHatena, New blog, New entry then Publish.
You’ll get .com blog in the end instead of .jp

The steps to this process are really easy:

  • Create a page with the keywords in the title
  • Include an image with the keywords in the file name
  • Buy some links (DANGER!)

I signed up and created the following page:



You know how links are the secret sauce to all ranking, yeah? Well, you also know how bad links can ruin your ranking, yeah?

OK, but bad links can only ruin your ranking if they’re picked up by Google and they outweigh the good links going to a page. So, if you only have a truck load of bad links pointing to your web page, then it’ll probably get hammered, you’ll end up being kicked out of the Google index, and you’ll cry tears of disappointment.



Except this time. This time it doesn’t matter.

Medium has gazillions of links going to it, and it’s a fair bet a lot of them are awful, but it doesn’t get penalised because it’s a community site and the number of good links going to it far outweigh the bad.

If we were to buy a ton of links and point them to our page on Medium, it wouldn’t matter one jot, because Medium isn’t going to be affected.

Also, it’s not our site, so sod it, who cares?

What I did then, was to head over to and search for “links.” I sent the guy the link to the article, the keyword I wanted to be found for and left him to it.

Two days later, here’s the result:


Pretty good eh?

P.s: I suggest you to throw some cheap PBN links for more link juices. If you can’t afford it, just go with GSA tier 2 links but please make sure that they are CONTEXTUAL links and mind your anchor text distribution!